Monday, October 10, 2005

While the Cat is Away...

...the kittens play. OK, that's not fair. Autoegocrat, who retired from blogging a week or so ago in a blaze of cri de couer, is now guest-blogging at The Pesky Fly and he's no amateur. He's got great writing chops and does his homework. It's great to see him back.

Especially with something like the post I linked above. He starts with some lukewarmish stuff about the Return of the Gore-Gore Guy. People who want to see Al Gore return, to me, are clearly delusional and simply want the past five years to go away like a bad dream. sure, put Gore up in '08 and watch how the voters flock -- away.

Anyway, autoegocrat then goes on to flay the Commercial Appeal and it's captain-of-the-sinking-ship, Chris Peck. It's no holds barred and devastating. I don't agree that the paper is politically supporting Barbour, but rather doing its boosterish best for a neighbor and potential revenue source. It's business-conservative -- reactionary revenue protection -- and not poltical conservatism. I suspect the few real conservatives at the CA provoke angry hisses from their colleagues in the same way that vampires recoil from crosses.

Anyway, I'm really happy to see that autoegocrat is still out there. You should be too.

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