Monday, December 05, 2005

Definition of the Day

From a discussion of spyware and malware, comes a definition:
What is it with blog pages that link to another blog, which links to another blog, and so on?

This is the principle of the "Möbius blog ring", whereby the information is wholly one-sided and is repeated so often that it is taken for fact by anoyone reading it. As the reader moves from link to link, their indoctrination in the rhetoric increases, with the theoretical maximum value being reached when they return to the original "source" blog. Once a "Möbius blog ring" is entered, the ability of the reader to avoid reading the next blog in the series decreases proportionately.

The "Möbius blog ring" is also known as "Internet journalism".
[NOTE: Cleaned up and altered just a bit from the original.]

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