Monday, December 05, 2005

Rock -- Hillary Clinton -- Hard Place

Speaking at a college / high school function to an audience of 4000 in one of her hometowns, Hillary Clinton was heckled by anti-war protesters! Video here.

Two or three years ago she was the Great White Hope for many Democrats. She carefully triangulated herself into a position of carefully confronting the administration while also being seen as "pro military." Now she finds the sands have too-quickly shifted under her feet, thanks to the MoveOn / anti-America / hard Left crowd, and she's suddenly too conservative.

She is facing demands to drink the koolaid of the anti-war Left in their Internet putsch to take over the direction and platform of the Democratic Party. Can she maneuver out of it? Will she suddenly find herself, like Joe Lieberman and Harold Ford, on the wrong side of party momentum? Or will she reposition herself again?

I'm guessing she thought the Kerry campaign was too left for most of America and would fail, setting her up to move the party a bit centerward, ala husband Bill, with her at the head. Instead, there is tremendous energy to continue the agenda-less leftward trajectory of the party, to even more vigorously pursue the "anti-Bush in every way" approach that keeps narrowing with every new iteration.

Just out of curiousity, can any of the Democrats or progressives who read this blog give me a short list of the actions they propose to take if elected back into power in Washington? Difficulty: it must be a series of positive actions. You shouldn't use "no more of..." or "not...." It has to be real steps from the Democratic principles you espouse.

Have fun!

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