Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Campaign Season Spreads

I'm not the only one campaigning for a job in local media. Thaddeus Matthews has now thrown hit hat into the ring, offering to host a show on the local Air America affiliate, WWTQ, to rescue them from their ratings disaster.

It might be hard for him to get on the air while he's heading up Operation FedUp, the effort to recall Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton, but once the issue does or doesn't get on the ballot he's just another citizen.

He hasn't been on the air in a while, except calling in to other shows. I've caught him many times on the Andrew Clark Sr show on WREC AM600 (weekends, noon to 3PM).

He's fearless in ways Mike Fleming only dreams of, unafraid to make charges and uncover the secret. He makes friends and allies, but doesn't shill for anyone. That means he has a lot of enemies across the political spectrum. I'd love for him to be back on the air, and I'd certainly listen.

The question is, are there any local radio outlets with enough nerve to let him on the air? That's his problem. He stirs the pot, kicks over the table, states the unspeakable. He's dangerous to the status quo of Memphis politics.

Thaddeus is good news for you and me, trouble for the folks using your government to enrich themselves.

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