Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Kick in the Teeth After the Beating

Proving no horse is too dead to beat, the Commercial Appeal once agains goes after West Tennessee Republicans over James Hart (see below).

Is there any point to this editorial? Nope, except to wave red meat before Memphis' black community. They basically tell the Republicans to make sure they "distance" themselves appropriately from Hart but don't give any indicator of how or how far, or what steps are needed nor what constitutes sufficient distancing.

It's just yet another (third time now) whack from the smug partisans at the CA.

INSTANT UPDATE: Browsing a bit more in the CA's recent stories produced two more stories on this in as many days! (here and here.) Each is nothing more than an incremental update larded up with lots of lurid descriptions of the odious Hart and his views. Anything to get yet another story connecting Hart, eugenics, censorship and Republicans into print.

Current count: four stories and one editorial; four of them in one week. Why the urgency and the doggedness? You can guess.

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