Friday, April 14, 2006


Thaddeus posts about a major victory for Operation Fedup, where they are now allowed to collect signatures at the early voting sites around the county!

Read about the unprofessional and bullying behavior of Election Coordinator James Johnson. He seems to think that whatever he needs, backed up by muscle from the Shelby County police, is what's the law. Thaddeus and his team stood their ground, demanded Johnson cite law and, when he couldn't but still tried to get them ejected, stood their ground yet again.

It just goes to show the attitudes of personal power so many people in elected / appointed Shelby County and Memphis positions have. It needs to stop and they need to go.

Find a petition today and sign it. This is, right now, not a fight to recall the mayor but a fight to reclaim the power of the people that has been stolen from us over the decades. Only when this recall succeeds and gets on the ballot (which is still a long ways off, and not at all assured of happening) will it then become a true "recall the Mayor" drive.

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