Friday, April 14, 2006

It's For The Children!

The paid Democratic political operative who launched the whole Hobbs affair has now posted his reason for what he did. What was it?
As I pulled into my multi-racial, multi-cultural subdivision in West Nashville, I drove past a small group of children whom I know to be members of several Muslim neighborhood families playing in a yard up the street from my home. One of the children, a young girl, waved at me and smiled. In an instant it became clear to me why I had written as I did about the blog Mohammed Cartoons.

I called the Tennessean reporter to tell her that had I not pointed out the insensitivity of the blog, I would have had trouble facing my neighbors; the children and their parents who walk our sidewalks each day and call out in friendship at every opportunity. "Shame on me," I told the reporter, "if I hadn't taken a stand on this matter."
That's right, he did it for the children. He's a HERO!

A paid political operative doing a cheap'n'nasty "gotcha" takedown of a political opponent and then covering himself in the mantle of good citizen, good Christian and children's defender.

You can tell this guy works in marketing.

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: And now in his comments Kopp is removing comments from right-side bloggers and commenters! Gotta make sure that hero image isn't tarnished. Yeah, one hell of a guy.

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