Saturday, April 15, 2006

Isn't He a Rainmaker

While researching something else, I stumbled on a story about Democratic operative Mike Kopp:
Mike Kopp, a ranking official in Gov. Phil Bredesen's administration, has joined marketing firm MMA Creative.

Kopp was deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, managing day-to-day operations and agency initiatives to attract business investment in the state. He's joined MMA as a senior vice president of public affairs and strategy and will work in the firm's Nashville office. MMA is based in Cookeville and is led by CEO Mike McCloud.
I didn't know that!

You go to MMA Creative's website and it says right on the front page:
Bredesen Re-elect
Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen's re-election campaign has tapped MMA Creative to help with strategy and collateral development in support of a statewide business leader outreach initiative.
How about that? Isn't that a special and lucky relationship? Doesn't it make you wish you knew the Governor too?

I wonder how the Governor feels about Kopp's attack on Bill Hobbs, and the resulting loss of employment Hobbs suffered? Does the Governor want to associate himself with someone who relishes, nay glories in, destroying people's livelihoods?

Kopp's action is demonstrably worse than Hobbs. Hobbs' cartoon was languishing in permanent shadow until Kopp unearthed it and waved it like a bloody rag, demanding outrage. Hobbs immediately admitted he'd made a mistake, apologised for it and took the image down. Kopp on the other hand is very proud to have mangled Hobbs' career and family plans.

The link between Kopp and Bredesen is far stronger and more intimate than any alleged by Kopp between Hobbs and gubernatorial candidate Bryson. It is, indeed, a professional, paid one!

How does Governor Bredesen feel about being associated with Kopp? Does he think distancing himself from Kopp and his firm, MMA Creative, is called for? Will some intrepid reporter ask him? Phil Williams, call your office!

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