Saturday, April 15, 2006

Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

The Commercial Appeal writes up a car theft involving local Democrat Joe Cooper and it leaves more questions than it answers.

First of all, isn't this the same Joe Cooper who sells cars? Who has given some local politicians some very sweet deals on their auto purchases?

Was the Kia that was stolen purchased from his lot? Did he pay himself the $5500, since he's the registered owner? Was it with campaign funds?

Who uses a Kia Sportage to transport voters? It can hold four people, three voters after you count the driver. Most campaigns use minivans or such, don't they?

And then there's the issue of Cooper loaning a campaign vehicle to someone for non-campaign uses. The thief was going to use it to "run errands?"

The man was given a mattress and allowed to sleep in the campaign "headquarters." I wonder what sort of deal was struck here, possibly putting the thief on campaign rolls for "security" or something?

Like I said, this leaves many more questions than it answers! I hope the CA actually investigates this one further and doesn't just rely on the inevitable police report.

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