Monday, August 26, 2002

Depends On What Your Definition Of "Dead" Is

Proving that the Clinton years haven't left us yet, this story from the Kingsport Times-News via the Associated Press (no byline), looks at the mutable definition of "dead" in relation to an income tax vote. It's an eye-opener.

The upshot of the story is that "dead" means House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh doesn't have the votes necessary to pass it. I assume that once he does again, and has a willing Governor, the corpse will rise from the grave to stalk the lands once more.

See? I and many others warned you that this income tax isn't dead until the folks who spearheaded it are gone. Best of luck to Tony Lopez in his run against Naifeh.

Thanks to Tax Free Tennessee for carrying the story. And a brief aside before we part. I have to say that the Kingsport Times-News is one of the better done newspaper websites I've seen yet. Sparse graphics make it quicker-loading by a wide margin over the bigger papers' bloated monstrosities. Clean, open pages make it easy to read. Simple lists of links. Overall, it's a joy to see.

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