Monday, August 26, 2002

Election Fraud Proven--No One Cares

Karen Barnett, running as a write-in Republican candidate for the 52nd House District, had her elections results certified today, and she's in! But the process of getting that certification uncovered a massive case of election fraud and abuse, one that, so far, is getting very little press attention.

Mostly, the Tennessean has carried the banner. This story today has the details, but let me quote the astonishing part:
Ballots were missing in eight of the ballot boxes. Several boxes were unlocked.
One box, bearing the note, ''Cleaned Out at Howard School,'' was empty.
Another set of boxes, for which the original election night tally sheets had shown
that poll workers had counted votes for Bennett, had no ballots inside, making it
impossible to tell where Bennett's votes had gone.

Some election commissioners, including Chairman E.L. Collins, shrugged the
irregularities off as understandable human error and insufficient training for poll
workers. Collins took pains to applaud the poll workers for the hard work they
do at election time.

A former Republican commissioner, who has been closely analyzing the House 52
imbroglio since the election, set her jaw squarely after leaving the follow-up
commission meeting at which the vote was finally certified.

''I am ill. I am sickened by the lack of outrage over ballots missing from eight
ballot boxes,'' said Patricia Heim. ''Ninety percent of the ballot boxes I saw being
opened had things missing and other irregularities. There was not a single ballot
box that had a sealed envelope'' containing the ballots, as required by law.

''There was one envelope that I saw that was torn open and the ballots were
missing,'' Heim said.
One is forced to wonder what's been going on around the State. Will we ever know? Why doesn't the press, our supposed watchman, want to pounce all over this like tigers on fresh kill?

Bennett nows go on to face Democrat Bob "Pro Income Tax" Briley. Good luck to her!

Thanks to Tax Free Tennessee for having the story.

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