Saturday, August 31, 2002

If They Treat Their Union Members This Way, How Do They Treat The Kids?

Suppose that you're a teacher, scraping along on your low salary. Then you discover that your union has been intercepting mail intended for you -- from the State of Tennessee, your employer no less -- that offers you cheaper insurance. Think it doesn't happen?

The Chattanoogan has this article about that very practice. It turns out that teacher in-school mailboxes belong to the union and the union can control what you get. If they disapprove, you never see it. And they love it!
"To those excellent principals who somehow 'lost' our dear Governor's scam sheet before it ever made it to the teachers' mailboxes."
Seems that teachers are being screwed out of hundreds of dollars, to the enrichment of the union.

You can contact the author of the piece, Rhonda Thurman, for your own copies of the relevant documents at:

My thanks to Tax Free Tennessee for bringing this to light for other Tennesseans.

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