Monday, August 26, 2002

URL Round-Up

A list of links for you, to all kinds of enlightening reading, with short summaries.

* Those of you who have seen the summer movie Minority Report already have heard of "Pre-Crime," the arresting of people who have yet to commit, but will commit, a crime. The movie is sci-fi. But it seems police in Wilmington, Delaware, have already begun. They've compiled a list of people who are innocent but police expect to commit crimes soon! It's a short, but frightening, read. Found on SlashDot.

* A good connect-the-dots article from Kingsport Times-News writer Watt Childress looking at all the odd connections between State politicians and how it affects your pocketbook, or wallet. It'll make you sick, I'm sure. Thanks to Tax Free Tennessee for the story.

* Have you noticed that the Five O'Clock News doesn't start at five anymore? There's a reason, and this story from the Seattle Times tells you why. The short answer: ratings.

* This is off-topic for this blog, but a story you won't find in the mainstream press for a while yet. Seems Representative Dan Burton, R.-Indiana, of the House Government Committee, is nosing around Oklahoma City. Specifically, he's looking at links between Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols and a crew of Iraqi intelligence agents in our country after the Persian Gulf War in 1993. Other sources have already shown links between Terry Nichols and Yusef Ramzi of the first World Trade Center attacks, and Al-Qaeda, in the Phillipines! There's a whole ugly stew of connections out there that need a good airing. Here's hoping it comes.

* Astute Reader Tim made mention, in a post down below on the City and County Schools performance mess, of author and former Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto. He's the author of The Underground History of American Eduation, a groundbreaking and myth-shattering look at the American state education system. Well worth spending some time and having your misconceptions removed.

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