Sunday, September 01, 2002

Public Service Announcement

I worked on my usual day off this week, Saturday, which is why there was a Half-Bakered update on that day. My day off this week is now Monday, Labor Day. I will observe this by relaxing and doing some housework. So, tomorrow will be a light posting day.

I do hate to toot my own horn, but I did a couple of posts on Saturday that I think are some of the best writing I've done yet on Half-Bakered. They are here and here. I really think that I've hit very close to what I want Half-Bakered to be, along the dimension of opinion writing. I'm not gonna give away the contents. Go read 'em for yourself. Also, please feel free to link to, repost or share them any way you want to, as anyone can with any content on Half-Bakered. Just please give credit to "Half-Bakered" (that's my nom de Net) and link back to this blog. That's all I ask.

I'm still working on my analytical and commentary skills, though I think they are improving some. Just to give you some "behind the curtain" insight, I generally read my sources early in the day and then let things stew around in my head. I'll consider the material, organize my thoughts and look at what I want to say, what I think the problems are that need to be addressed. I sit down in the evening or at night, go through the links or stories one by one and write each post straight from my head, with minimal editing. So, I have that one chance to get things right! I'm trying to think like a marksman: you only get one shot, so make it carefully and make it count. Practice helps tremendously, which this blog give me in abundance. Keeping notes on thoughts is doing me some good. I still lack a really comprehensive background of knowledge on many of the topics I tackle and I'm working on that. Google helps a lot, and my Googling skills are really getting good.

My biggest personal weakness, that I'm reactive and not proactive, turns out to be a quality that's perfect for what I do here -- analysis and criticism of others' work. It's serving me well, I think. And I still enjoy the heck out of this, workload and all.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little inside view.

Have a good Labor Day.

Until next time,
Your Working Boy

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