Sunday, September 01, 2002

Report or Press Release?

In the Memphis Flyer is a City Reporter item (third one down) about a new strip mall being built downtown, on Auction near Main. It appears to be a simple rewrite of a press release! The story, with "artist's conception" makes the project sound pretty swift and needed. But closer inspection reveals it's a strip mall with some loft apartments above and a set of gas pumps out front.

Shame on the Flyer for this.

While I'm there, the first City Reporter item is another Mary Cashiola piece (see the first in the next post) about the City Schools budget. The CA has already reported Commissioner Hubon Sandridge's assertion that 86% of the budget is salaries. Cashiola appears to have gotten the number and then played around with them for a while. She generates some interesting figures but no real point.

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