Thursday, September 05, 2002

An Unusual Error

In today's Commercial Appeal, this story, about the first meeting of the new County Commission has an unusual error in it. It's not uncommon for small typos to get through or the occasional factual error, but they are style and usage schoolmarms of the worst degree.

So how did they allow the article to start with "The five freshmen county commissioners participated...?" Reread it and see if you spot the mistake. It's "freshmen," which should be singular, ie "freshman." Try replacing the word with something similar, like "agitator." The five agitators county commissioners participated.... Doesn't work, does it? That's because you don't pluralize the adjective, which is merely modifying the commissioners. Heeheehee. I caught them out, and on an esoteric error at that.

The article also contains this little reminder, in case you'd forgotten:
Some speculation has centered on whether the new commission would be more partisan and contentious than before, even as Republicans continue to hold a 7 - 6 majority.
That speculation largely resides in the mind of the CA's columnists and reporters, and in the minds of the Democrats and blacks who resent not having control. They continue to stir the pot, hoping to see it boil.

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