Tuesday, September 03, 2002

URL Round-Up

Some good stuff out there in 'Netland today.

* Bill Hobbs skewers the Tennessean's James Daughtrey for willful blindness. Also, he's got a project going to raise money to take his site private and to upgrade equipment. Please read his plea and consider donating.

* South Knox Bubba is someone I haven't plugged recently and I correct the error here. He's always entertaining, and frequently informative, especially on issues of the environment in Tennessee and the Knoxville business community. I wish I had his skills for business writing....

* Justin Bollinger's Elephant Rants is another good daily read (although like many he took a long Labor Day weekend). Justin has been waging the lonely fight to remind us that while West Nile Virus is nothing to take lightly, the victims in Tennessee have all been elderly and sick! He, like SKB, is another East Tennessean, but we won't hold that against him, will we?

* I also haven't plugged Tennessee Tax Revolt lately. They have a Sunday bit that links to this editorial from the Commercial Appeal. I should have covered this one, but passed on an otherwise busy day. Glad they caught it and took up the slack. Buy one of their t-shirts!

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