Sunday, September 01, 2002

Whitewashing A Rout

The Memphis Flyer has a brief farewell interview with outgoing County Mayor Jim Rout that is just plain embarrassing. Written by John Branston, it can justifiably be called a whitewash.

Talking about Rout's post-public life plans, Branston fails to mention that SCB Computer Technologies is seeking to make him a board member, something I commented on here. It's a sweetheart deal for SCB and a shameless abuse of Rout's connections!

Branston writes
"Sprawl is a fact of life," he said. "We probably didn't do as
well as we should have to attach appropriate fees or
requirements on new development as it applies to schools.
This is America, and people are going to live where they want
to live. Maybe we need to tweak what we require to do
development there."
He again fails to take Rout to task for doing anything about it. In fact, it can be rightly said that under Rout sprawl accellerated.

Branston doesn't have anything to say about Rout's failure to groom his successor, which allowed Democrats to take the County Mayorship. Nor does he even breathe a word about the $1.4 billion in new debt that Rout will leave the County, and his successor, saddled with.

Someone hand Branston a tissue to wipe the brown stains from his lips.

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