Monday, September 08, 2003

Blog Pimping

Just wanted to mention a couple of blogs. First, Chris Lawrence of Signifying Nothing is posting quite a lot of late, and it's all worthy reading. He's a wide-ranging and fairly deep intellect. Topics include political science, trips, roads, SEC football, politics, etc. He says he lives in Memphis, but he also talks alot about Oxford, Mississippi and if I'm not mistaken he's supposed to be running for elective office right now in Mississippi. Either way, seems like he'd be a good fit into the Rocky Top Brigade, if he's of a mind. Stop in and see what y'all think.

Second is WatchBlog, a website of bloggers from across the political spectrum, though the site is cleaved into Democrat, Republican and Other columns. They are encouraging cross-party reading and blogging. I haven't had time to go in-depth in reading it yet, but it looks good so far. Hat tip to CJ at Up For Anything for pointing it out.

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