Thursday, September 11, 2003

Pssst...Blake. Here's A Clue

The Commercial Appeal announced with great flourish Blake's Blog, by CA political/local reporter Blake Fontenay. Note that URL; how easy to remember and share. Well, Blake, it's not a blog if you don't post! Trust me, I know this. Announcement was September 7 and nothing yet.

This is in line with the other blog the CA announced some weeks ago. It's just plain hopeless. Not only does it completely miss the philosophy of blogging, but it only posts the most recent stuff. There's no archive! The folks at the CA do not understand this new sea-change in the world of reporting and information-sharing. To no one's surprise, they are in real danger of being left behind.

Which would be good thing, as the paper has been the Pravda of Memphis government and money-men for many years. Loosening their grip on the flow of information around the city would only benefit those of us being abused by the powerful elite.

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