Thursday, September 11, 2003

Its Time Passed?

It's an annual rite of passage now, the announcement of the Project: Censored list of "censored" stories, stories the major media has largely ignored or minimised.

But what a difference a year has made. Looking down the list, I can only find maybe five of the stories that are truly obscure. All the rest have been getting a thorough airing in the blogosphere! That's right, the explosion of Internet blogs has led to the increased exposure and coverage of stories the "major" media used to let slide.

Those who still are dead-tree-centric, of course, might still find this list valid. They are behind the times, though. The blogosphere has truly come into its own this year. It even served a valuable role in bringing down a Senate Majority Leader. Stories don't get "lost" anymore, but find new homes, put down roots, and take on a subterranean life of their own. If they're important enough, the stories get taken up by other blogs until a critical mass is reached. But no story truly disappears any more. A daily reading of folks like Instapundit proves that.

For the first time, looking at the Project: Censored list, I have a feeling of quaintness. Of a less-enlightened time passed and gone for good.

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