Monday, September 08, 2003

Ummmm...Yeah, Then

Sorry, but I won't be writing up the No Child Left Behind report. At first, I thought this was the annual State report which has put 68 Memphis schools on the endangered list, so I'm obviously an idiot. But everyone in the education establishment is vilifying this. Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bobby Pickler summed it up pretty well when he just dismissed the report because it wasn't something they could prepare for. "Hey, we didn't cover that material in class! That's not fair! Do over!! Do over!!"

It seems clear to me that the NCLB is a baseline to begin from, not a pass/fail graduation-killer. Folks who would never in a million years listen to conspiracy theories will immediately call the NCLB a secret maneuver to get vouchers, etc. into the mix. May be, but that's not a conspiracy; it's open warfare against a decrepit and grasping establishment that values its own survival and perks more than it does its mission. Government schools need the competition, in the worst possible way. Let's get on with it.

You can learn more for yourself about the NCLB act at this link from the Department of Education.

(BTW, doesn't that "No Child Left Behind" remind you of the Tim LaHaye series? The day after Graduation, suddenly millions of kids have disappeared, taken by the Rapture of Employment and Higher Education into some Heaven.... Ok, enough of that.)

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