Saturday, September 13, 2003

Davy Crockett And Your Taxes

I heard this story long ago and meant to bookmark it for the future, but failed. I just rediscovered it Friday night, to my great joy. This version is slightly different from the one I remember, but it lists the same source, so I'll assume my memory has drifted over time.

In it, we hear the story of Congressman Davy Crockett voting tax money to a deserving group and then getting an enlightening lesson from his constituents. It's a great story, and sadly we don't have enough folks like Horatio Bunce around any more. We have lost the moral, constitutionalist view of government that held in the beginning.

[NOTE: If you go to the main site, be careful! It is a fringy, conspiracy site. While they have a lot of good stories there, you'll also find a lot of objectionable and even inflammatory stuff there. You've been warned, OK?]

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