Thursday, October 16, 2003

Come See The Liberal Bias!

Part of a continuing series of refutations of Liberals and Democrats who swear that there is no-one using the "fascists" and "Nazi" epithets against the Right. I'm documenting them as I find 'em.

First up, Australian columnist and political commentator Margo Kingston writes in the Sydney Morning Herald, quoting from a reader's letter:
I smell Nazism every day in the news and I want to know where to go to meet like-minded people to talk, to protest, and if necessary in the long run, to revolt.
Now, yes, Margo didn't write this herself, she's quoting someone else. But Margo made the choice to quote that passage, to let it go uncommented in a column full of agreeing statements. She passed it on uncritically, so it counts.

Next, also from the SMH, is a news story quoting an Anglican priest, for heaven's sake! Here you go:
A gay British priest today likened Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen to Adolf Hitler over his opposition to gay clergy and same-sex marriages.

Rev Martin Reynolds also said anti-homosexuality was the last vestige of evil in modern society.

Hat tip to Tim Blair for these.

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