Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Referrer Log Fun

I generally don't go into my referrer logs. It's not something I worry too much about. But while looking over my increasing traffic stats (Thanks again, y'all!) I got curious and took a look.

I found what I suspected: most of my referrals come from fellow Rocky Top Brigade members, mostly South Knox Bubba and Say Uncle. Thanks, guys. I get the usual folks drifting in from search engines, mostly looking for movie-related info. This is because I now do the occasional movie review.

But lately, I see I've been getting a fair number of hits coming from Jon W. Sparks. Recognise the name? He's the guy behind C. A. Eye! That's right, an employee of the Evil Empire, the Commercial Appeal, liked my site enough to link to it.

I emailed him, of course, and he turns out to be a nice guy with a healthy sense of humor, much as his column would lead you to suspect. Of course, now I have to wonder if the folks at the CA who I've really slammed, like Kushma or Kelly, have seen this little bit of ego puffery? Will I come one day pixel to pixel with them? I quake in my slippers at the thought.

Nah, no I don't. Not any more. I'm a gnat to the CA's elephant. They have nothing to fear from someone like me. I used to worry at first, even going so far as to be pseudonymous, but I've since developed a healthy view of my place in the information foodchain. Besides, I can use the readers.

So, kudos to Jon for being a good egg. Go visit his site in return. He's got some non-CA stuff that's worth a read.

He also pointed me to an incredible site: Peggy Phillip. She's the news director at WMCTV-5 and keeps a blog. It's very insidery, with a whole lot of behind-the-scenes WMC information unavailable anywhere else. The blog page is obscenely long, with tiny type, but a veritable fountain of things you just can't find in the papers. Recommended.

I also tripped across Above The Fold, a now-closed weblog for Memphis media professionals. Sadly, no archives remain. It would be fascinating to get to see them.

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