Sunday, October 12, 2003

Thank You

Just went into the site stats for this page and learned some good news. I've reached a new plateau in daily visits. I was averaging around two dozen or so visits on week days, much less on weekends. I'm sure that says a lot about where my readers are reading, and how they get the hell away from their computers come the weekend.

Well, this week, I've been averaging about two or three times as many visitors! I've been trying to be more consistent in posting and I've tried a bit of networking. I have also been more diverse in my content. I guess it's paying off, eh?

So thank you all for coming here and reading this little bit of ego display. To borrow from Says Uncle, I do this for me but I always have you in mind. I always hope I entertain, enlighten and maybe persuade some of you. I'll endeavor to keep on trying.


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