Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bill's Little Slip

Bill "It's All About Me" Clinton is the only president to have been found guilty of a crime while serving in office (lying under oath), something nearly everyone seems to not be mentioning during his book promotion, unlike the way nearly everyone found ways to mention Reagan's "failings" during his funeral week. It's all about the politics. Clinton's the only elected president to have had impeachment proceedings. Not even Nixon got that far!

Now Bill himself, admits to having lied under oath a second time:
Clinton's own legal battle with independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr accounts for one of the book's more peculiar revelations. In his August 1998 grand jury testimony, Clinton said he began an inappropriate sexual relationship with Monica S. Lewinsky in "early 1996." His testimony, as was widely noted at the time, was in conflict with Lewinsky's story: She testified the relationship began on Nov. 15, 1995, in the midst of a government shutdown.

Starr's prosecutors, in their report to Congress, accused Clinton of lying about the date of their relationship in order to avoid admitting that he had sexual relations with an intern, as Lewinsky still was in the fall of 1995 before being hired for a paying job in the winter.

Without explanation, in his memoir Clinton departs from his grand jury testimony and corroborates her version: "During the government shutdown in late 1995, when very few people were allowed to come to work in the White House, and those who were there were working late, I'd had an inappropriate encounter with Monica Lewinsky and would do so again on other occasions between November and April, when she left the White House for the Pentagon."
So, if a powerful man initiates an affair with a lowly subordinate, is it still a personal failing? She was on his payroll at the time. Is that public now or still private?

Didn't anyone think to vet the book? I have to wonder what other gems still lurk in that tome.

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