Tuesday, June 22, 2004

We Are Going To Win

SouthKnox Bubba is waving the white flag. He has backed nothing but loser candidates in the Democratic primaries (Dean, Graham, Clark, Edwards) and now he's even tempering his support for Kerry. How bad is it? SKB is actually calling for Kerry to step aside and let the convention pick the nominee!
That's why I think Kerry should withdraw from the race and let the Democratic National Convention delegates nominate a stronger ticket. I realize that the current DNC rules prevent a "brokered convention" at this point, and that with the delegates he already has pledged Kerry has earned the nomination. That's why I believe he should withdraw and give Democrats a better chance in 2004....

That said, if Kerry is indeed the nominee (which is inevitable at this point) I will support him. I will work harder to find something to like and good things to say about him.
Wow. With such rousing and fervored support how can Kerry fail?

SKB's luke-warm Kerry support is a trend. It'll be interesting to see what happens once voters start paying attention in the Fall. (Notice, too, that Nader is still hangin in there at 6%.)

At this point, it looks like only Bush foolishness, which he seems to be getting a handle on lately, or national media "bad news" pressure, which really seems to be in overdrive right now, will cost Bush a second term. But it ain't over until it's over.

UPDATE: Monday Noon Well, ol' SKB has pulled a bait'n'switch, so I took down the link. I'm guessing he was "re-educated" by the right-thinking cadres of the Democratic Party Ideological Purity Committee. He took down the post he had and then filled the space with mewling drivel from his peanut gallery of capering monkeys. No sense exposing decent people to propaganda. It's sad to see honest doubt and disagreement beaten down by fearful power-grabbers.

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