Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Memphis Blogs Keep on Coming

Doing my daily rounds earlier, I found a commenter on Rachel's site who plugged his new blog: In The Memphis Mud, "Southern views on politics, sports and entertainment." And it is that! Early days, but looking good.

He calls himself "TT Boy," which I think is the nom du cinema of a well-known porn actor. I don't actually watch porn, mind you, or search it out on the web, so I don't know for sure.... Yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking with it.

Anyway, he pointed me to this story, from the Memphis Business Journal, that gives a better look at the closing of World News than the Commercial Appeal did. It has more of the details that make the place come alive and it gives a better historic sense of the newsstand. Worth a read.

Speaking of the Death Star, I'll also remind folks about the new thorn in their side, Memphis-Media blog. Posting continues apace, and today he has some fun with the County Assessor's Office online property search engine.

Speaking of that, I had some fun with it too. Can anyone tell me why Carol Chumney doesn't show up as a property owner? Her family sure does! Does she stay in an apartment or something? Or is she living with someone who is the property owner? Just curious.

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