Saturday, February 12, 2005

Blackburn Bows Out

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Congresswoman Blackburn. According to Nashville's WKRN/2, our Marsha is staying put in the House instead of joining the crowded field trying for Bill Frist's Senate slot. I can understand the attraction of a run, since Senate seats open up so infrequently, but she's going to be far more effective in the House. She is already getting notice for her fiscal conservativism.

Wags will also note that this leaves her in position to take a run at the Governor's office, a position she would be perfect for. Smart, telegenic, a true fiscal conservative, a social conservative, a willingness to take legislative stands, a track record of citizen focus and advocacy. Remember the field day the state's newspapers had when she called Steve Gill's radio show to let him know (and therefore his listeners) that the Assembly was about to attempt an income tax vote? They tried to pillory her, but the folks who would have to pay that tax haven't forgotten who was looking out for them.

Either way, Blackburn will represent Tennessee just fine.

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