Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Herenton Wreck, and More

Again, I really don't care about Herenton's private life, as long as City money and jobs aren't involved. But....

Peg Phillip has a post at her blog on a NewsChannel3 story, interviewing the mother of Herenton's child. What's noteworthy are the comments, wherein we see how trained, professional newspeople behave. Unbelievable, and all, of course, anonymous.

I caught a couple of seconds of the interview, wherein the woman actually took Herenton to task for not "being there" for his son. Hello? Single woman has unprotected sex with a man not her husband, a man with a playboy reputation, and she's complaining about his morals? Sheesh....

Listening to radio today, the Andrew Clark show, someone called in to remind listeners that this was Herenton's second or third illegitimate child. Is that correct? I don't have my scorecard anymore. The only thing I remember was the scandal during his tenure as School Superintendent involving an Arabic woman who was hired as a teacher in the schools. It turned out she didn't have proper teaching credentials and did have a personal relationship with the Superintendent. She claimed to have had multiple abortions because of him. She ended up moving to Nashville, I think?

Another caller said something about former mayor Wyeth Chandler being embroiled in an illegitimate child scandal! Whoa. Can anyone shed some light on that one?

Moving along to another public official, via former Memphian Yvette Mena's blog, someone in comments says:
Harold Ford is a little more discreet when it comes to his personal life. However, from time to time he slips up. Case in point, his tryst with a college sex columnist which he later tries to dismiss as a single meal.
Anyone know what she's referring to?

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