Sunday, November 20, 2005

I Have to Quibble has posted their reader-voted list of The Best Space Movies of All Time! Results. Six of the ten are either Star Wars or Star Trek.

Where are the "space" movies like Silent Running, Outland, Forbidden Planet or 2010? All of these movies give a real sense of what it might be like to live orwork in space.

There's also animated movies. My favorite animated "space" movie is Wings of Honneamise, a Japanese movie about a world a lot like ours but different. It's about the ragtag, nearly abandoned space program of one country and its efforts to make a launch before war consumes them all. Very much a "The Right Stuff kind of film, but in a lighter vein. And where's that movie on the list?

There's a discussion on Slashdot that mentions other movies about getting to space like Contact. The readers seem to have confused "science fiction" with "space."

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