Sunday, November 20, 2005

What Are Your Thanksgiving Foods?

I'll have a larger Thanksgiving post later in the week but, sparked by an idea in comments, I'd like to hear from readers about what foods they like on Thanksgiving Day.

Yusuf mentioned eating something called Turduckhen. Me, I'm an old-fashioned turkey guy. White meat only, though. I had my share of legs as a kid. Since it's just me and the cat on T'Day, I buy mine sliced and ready-cooked from the Schnuck's, then reheat it in the oven and smother it with brown gravy.

I also love stuffing. Type doesn't matter: turkey, chicken, cornbread, whatever. I just love stuffing. With gravy. I make mine with broth, though, and not plain water. It tastes richer that way.

I also like corn. Usually it's on the cob, but this year I'm going to try a corn chowder with onions. Ummmmmm... corn chowder....

What else? Potatos, mashed and lumpy. Wheat rolls.

Yeah, it's pretty basic comfort-food, but I like it just fine. Bennie will share in some of the turkey, of course.

What about you? What's on your menu? What would be on your menu, if you could? If I could I'd like a green beans almondine. My mother made that and it was always killer. But she also served that horrid cranberry gel in a can. No one ever ate it and yet every year, there it was.

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