Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Screw That, FedExKinko's

I went across the street to the Union Avenue FedExKinko's store to see about getting less than a dozen page-sized jpg's printed; one on card stock and the rest on heavy paper stock.

The clerk first told me that if I had more than five files they had to open from my CD I would be charged $90 per hour! Now, I don't seriously expect they measure the minutes, and I'd consider myself lucky if they broke it down by quarter-hours, so I immediately knew I didn't have $45 to spend on a pretty simple job.

Then, when I asked about having them printed not centered but in the upper-left corner of the page (I'll be cutting them out later.), she had to go check with someone who said there would be an additional $14.95 "set up" charge.

Of course, I bailed. I have a B&W printer at home, but needed color printing on heavier paper stock than usual. Sure, they have to charge you, but still, I was angrily surprised by the rates. I went to their website and was not at all surprised to learn they don't publish rates anywhere that I could find.

I knew when FedEx bought them out that Kinko's would lose its customer-friendly, helpful experience and become some corporate tool. But jeez.... This is ridiculous. At least thirty to fifty dollars for my basic printing needs? F*** that. On top of which, the person "working" with me was not at all "customer helpful" in her attitude, just standing there watching me work it all out for myself.

F*** FedExKinko's. No more business for them.

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