Thursday, March 16, 2006

Next to Last Time, I Promise

I don't talk about my employment or my finances on this blog much at all. That was a personal decision, for a variety of reasons most of which I don't want to discuss on the blog. A major reason, of course, is to keep my employers far away from this blog. For example, I was employed by the Shelby County Election Commission during the '04 election and volunteered before being hired to suspend the blog while I was working there. Sensible, yes?

I will say that I made a decision about 15 years ago to live the most stress-free life I could. Part of that was accepting that I wouldn't be taking many high-paying jobs as a consequence. They pay the big bucks for taking the big problems. So, I've worked mostly minimum-wage type jobs ever since.

I've had to make a lot of adjustments because of that decision. A major one was not having a car, since I couldn't afford one. Another is living in older (read: shabbier) apartments than I'd rather. Mostly, I don't buy a lot of stuff and make do with older things. It's all about keeping costs way down.

I also don't have a lot of money for extras. Unfortunately, that includes web hosting for this blog. Not the blog itself, Blogger and Blogspot are free, of course. But I have a domain where I have some personal pages, and I also host all the graphics you see here. It's not that expensive, one hundred dollars a year, but that's a lot of money for me.

Sorry to keep harping on this, but if you can help me in paying for the hosting fees, I'd appreciate it very much. Whatever you can give, it will go straight and only to paying for domain hosting. No night-clubbing or subscriptions to "Naked Libertarian Babes." That I promise.

Thank you. And now, back to the hilarity!

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