Monday, March 13, 2006

Touched by the Hand of God

If you've heard about State Senator Ophelia Ford's remarks but haven't read them, here you go.

I didn't read Mayor Herenton's similar statements a year or so ago quite the way I read Ford's. Herenton's really struck me, especially if you hear him making them and not just read them, as the usual "all praise to God who makes things happen, not me" statement. You hear similar stuff all the time on awards shows and after sports games. But this was filtered through the Herenton arrogance and immperiality that makes it sound bad.

Ford, however, is a different story. She's clearly loopy. Either she's a scatter-brain or she's dancing around something she doesn't want to say. My guess is the latter.

She's right about this going on all the time (corruption, electoral abuse and vote fraud). Her family and the larger Democratic Party are some of the worst of it. Republicans do it too. Politics in Memphis and Shelby County really is hardball.

It's been good to see this stuff finally come to light and get some media scrutiny. Heaven knows why it took private investigators, instead of media investigations, to make this happen, but I guess that's the Memphis and modern media world we live in.

It's also been funny watching both the Democrats and Republicans twisting and contorting to bring just enough of the fraud to light to advance their cases without letting too much out that might trigger real, Federal investigations.

There's still a lot out there waiting to be unearthed. One day.

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