Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gamerz Depot

Some friends of mine have started a game store, called Gamerz Depot. It's in Olive Branch, off Highway 178.

Here is my best friend Mark Havener, who is the wage slave manning the counter. You can see some of the many tables they have for board game, card game and tabletop wargaming play. And a lot of merch on stock, too. Mostly Flames of War, AT-43, UFS and Wings of War, but they also sell some board games, paints, etc. If there is something in particular that you want, always ask, as they have excellent online ordering available.

And they can take PayPal, believe it or not!

As you can see, they give good customer service at Gamerz Depot. Co-owner Greg Lane is arguing with er ... serving customer Jim Johnson. Mark provides covering fire er ... friendly helpful support. Yeah.

Those are Greg's Tau forces about to thoroughly maul my Scions of Iron Space Marines in a game of Epic. Yick, what a disaster that was ....

Check 'em out. Yes, it's a ways to travel down to Olive Branch, but I think you'll find it worth it. It's free to game there and there are good fast-food restaurants nearby, as well as snacks in the store. The Riverbluff Irregulars game down there, as does Adeptus Memphis. And you can usually find me down there on Wednesdays, playing Epic.

We're trying to convince the Memphis Strategy Board Gaming Group to host a Games Day South there once in a while, as well.

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