Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Know Lots of Stuff!

I belong to a trivia team (The Fighting Cacti in the Memphis Trivia League) that survived the semi-finals (just barely!) and made it to the finals tonight. We got off to a fair start but thought we were tanking badly in the second round. We missed at least one question in every section of the 5-part round.

We had the same experience in the semi-finals, thinking we were doing badly -- only to learn we were near the top. Well, fearing we weren't even making top ten, we were delighted and shocked when we came in third place! That's out of fifty-odd teams playing in the final. Our team split the $500 prize.

First place -- a team from Little Rock -- won $3000. We were only about 25 points behind them. Had we gotten two or three more answers right in that miserable second round we would have definitely come in second, and maybe third.

Anyway, we were all very surprised and pleased. What will I do with my share of the prize money? Don't laugh but I'll probably get a new pair of glasses and a new mattress for the bed. Yes, such is the glamourous life of Mr. Mike.

Thanks to James, Abe, Matt and Ron for inviting me to join the team. I'm already looking forward to next year.

We also play at the P&H Cafe on Tuesday nights. That trivia contest is a bit different in that there's a $3 buy-in; the winning teams split the money. We almost always come in second or third there -- out of roughly 20 teams. We have yet to take home the first prize, which comes out around $90 or better, but we usually win enough to cover the buy-in and dinner. Come on out and give it a try.

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