Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Graphics Dump

Since I'm putting up graphics, I might as well dump the others in my blog folder.

No doubt you've noted the appearance of Che posters in the offices of Obama supporters. Here, in his official campaign office in Houston:

And here in the chambers of an Ohio judge:

Here are some other "Che" posters:

With all the outrage peddlers out there, why do you never see this image, given how apropos and pointed it is:

I don't watch the show, but others have pointed out how much "Doctor McDreamy" resembles the young Josef Stalin!

Next ... a gruesome reminder:

Those orange splotches are what remains of the bodies of the folks who jumped from the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. They would rather leap a thousand feet into concrete than burn to death inside the buildings. That choice was given to them by Arab Muslim extremists. Remember that when you go to see the new Batman movie later this week. You'll see why.

Remember the small flap last month when Obama's people tried to gloss over the "Presidential Seal" type placard he was using?

Maybe it wasn't such a small thing after all. Consider how much it resembles the background image to his official website. (Note how they first hit you up to join.) Maybe there was more going on than they admitted, and the press never followed up, choosing to accept his "explanation" unquestioningly? For some reason ....

I had an enormous crush on Tami Martin all through junior high school. I met her and Don, who became my best friend up through our college years, on the very first day of seventh grade. I used to ride my bike past her house whenever I had the chance. Too nervous to actually talk with her very often, of course, so nothing ever happened.

We went to different high schools and she began to date on old elementary school friend. But he was a nice guy, so that somehow made it OK in my mind. One day after high school graduation, he went to pick her up from her job in a new clunker car he'd just bought, an old Forties wreck he was going to fix up.

The brakes failed and they went driving into a busy intersection. She was thrown from the car and killed instantly.

Tami is one of the few girls/women I really regret not trying to get serious about. I still think of her every so often, even thirty-odd years later; she was sweet and smart and good. But I didn't have a picture of her and since she died so long ago I never expected to find one.

Well. The internets surprise once again. Here she is, from a tribute page on her high school's alumni site:

And last of all, my cat Bennie!

Commandeering the rug:

Guarding the front door:

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