Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Small Revenges Are the Best

Via ZGeek:
Today on the way home, I had a cool bus ride. I was sitting in the back of the bus pretending not to see the old lady standing next to me. When I noticed a lady get on the bus with her young child. She was dressed in what I can only call "filthy hippy" and pushing an empty pram while she dragged her child on to the bus.

What I then witnessed was a rare conflict for the spaz spot on the bus. You see, buses here in Sydney had three or more seats on the side of the bus that will either flip up to allow a wheelchair or pram in it.
Or, if the bus is packed. The seats are reserved for the elderly, pregnant or disabled.

In this instance, the seats where occupied by three silver haired old ladies. So for the spaz spot, they technically out ranked the hippy mum. But she wasn't just going to let it slide.

She start telling the driver in a loud enough voice that everyone could hear her, how they are reducing the disabled spots and how the bus should have two disabled zones and how young mothers where so hard done by. I swear, if I had shoes on. I would have thrown one at her head.

So, getting no love from the driver or the elderly. She unfolds her pram and sets it up near the front door way. Just so everyone getting on to the bus had to squish around her pram, one by one and her child wasn't even in it. They where both sitting on a chair while the mother spoke words in a baby voice while the child repeated them back to her with more volume.


This lasted for about twenty minutes until her stop came up. She then pushed the empty pram down the bus to depart by the back door. When she got there the pram rammed into a guy waiting to get out the door.

"You could get out of the way you know"
"This is my stop..."
"I am trying to get out you know..."

The man, who we shall name "Hero" then did the funniest thing I have seen all day. He smiles at the mother and then looks at the little kid with his best impression of a Wiggle.

"Hey there, do you know how to say 'fuck'?"
"FUCK!" a little voice parroted straight back.


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