Thursday, July 10, 2008

Memphis Blogger Meetup

I got an email from the Rustmeister, a blogger I've seen many times commenting on Say Uncle, who I think lives in Memphis. He alerted me to a blogger meetup coming later this month.

From Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease:
Okay, now to the details, because I know that’s what you’re all dying to know:

July 19, 2008

East End Grill in Bartlett (map at site - HWY 64 location)

2pm - whenever

Please RSVP in comments, so that we can warn the wait-staff.

If you can make it, please come.

It's good to see someone picking up the ball on blogger bashes/meetups. I was sort of sad that no one did after I stopped back in 2006.

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