Wednesday, August 21, 2002

His Slip Is Showing

In an otherwise standard issue article about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Bredesen talking to school children in a campaign photo-op and newsbite-of-the-day moment, there was this:
To help accomplish his goal, Bredesen said he wants to build on
singer Dolly Parton's Imagination Library concept.

The library debuted in 1996 and mails hardcover books to
children from birth to age 5. By the time they start kindergarten,
the children have at least a 60-book library.

The library distributes books in 10 Tennessee counties and in 63
communities in 15 states.

"It's something I'd like to see statewide," Bredesen said.

Under his plan, the Imagination Library would mail out 4.5 million
books a year to about 375,000 preschoolers. He said there are
an estimated 68,427 children under age 5 in Shelby County.

The projected statewide cost would be $10.1 million annually, or
about $27 a child.
Is this "Mr. Fiscally Responsible" proposing a new government program, with taxpayer monies? I'm sure he thinks Hilleary can't assail this, and probably Van isn't quite sharp enough to without help, but think about it.

Teacher's and children's advocate groups, backed by social engineers, will try to dictate the books used. They'll try to ensure their "developmental" agenda prevails. Then there's the book publishers, whose lobbyists will no doubt make sure there's plenty of remuneration to be had in the sale. Then of course the bureaucrats will want to have their say.

I can bet this boondoggle will become a political hot potato that costs a whole lot more than $27 per child.

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