Friday, August 23, 2002

With The Mumbo And The Jumbo

In this story in the Commercial Appeal, we get an interesting clot of story bits all mixed together.

The main focus is Van Hilleary's contention that tightening up on TennCare, reforming it and reducing the rolls, will free up enough money to both lower the sales tax and additionally fund higher education. He also presupposes a return to a growing economy.

Unfortunately, the reporter, Bill Dries, uses the "scare quotes" tactic:
The congressman said he believed TennCare reform could save
"several hundreds of millions of dollars" and blamed TennCare's
"explosive growth" for cuts in higher education funding.
He makes Hilleary's words seem insincere.
Gov. Don Sundquist has said a cut in state funding to TennCare could
endanger federal matching funds essential to the program.
Right, Don. Did those number come from Dr. Warren "Numbers R Us" Neel? Of course there will be a corresponding loss of Federal dollars! It's the unavoidable part of cutting already exorbitant costs. Geez.

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