Monday, August 19, 2002

Why Bother?

I was going to look at this week's Memphis Flyer, the "Back to School" issue, but why bother? It looks as though it was slapped together by the B-team while everyone else was on vacation, from whatever stuff was lying around.

The cover story consists of three very short pieces, totalling maybe a page and a half of actual text. One story is on Dr. Oscar Love, rehashing what the CA has been saying for weeks. On is a tittilating overview of campus drinking policies. And the "best kept secret?" Turns out to be the University School. Ho-hum.

What's notable about this issue is the very high "news analysis" content. That is, not factual reporting but someone's thoughts on a story. For example, the Hyneman/mud slide story rates one vague paragraph and a large picture in City Reporter, but gets a long column of "editorial opinion" by the Flyer. Seven out of ten articles in the front section (i.e. non-review) are "news analysis." If they can't be bothered, why should I?

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Your Working Boy

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