Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Gail A. Needs Your Help

Gail A. is the online name for a woman who had her 16 year old son brutally murdered. She has since dedicated herself to seeing that the man responsible serves the maximum sentence possible. She has also worked to bring issues of crime and criminals to the public.

I first met her through Free Republic and some posts she made to this blog. She's a good woman and now she needs your help.
On April 11, 1989, 16 year old Jeremy Peter Flachbart a learning disabled student was brutally beaten to death by Terry Joe Windham (who was on probation for burglary and vandalism), who decided he wanted to commit murder to see what it felt like to kill. Jeremy, was on his way home from school when he was ambushed and beat to death with a 2 foot section of 4x4 fence post by Windham. After hitting Jeremy once from behind, Jeremy went down and Windham hit him 10 more times, after the 10th blow Jeremy groaned and Windham hit him 5 more times for a total of 16 blows.

Windham, went to a local game room to brag about his vicious act of murder, to his younger brother and some friends; he then took them to view Jeremy's body. While the police were investigating the scene he was on the sidelines watching, bragging, laughing, and making threats that if anyone told on him he'd kill them too. He was arrested on the scene, confessed, and was charged with 1st degree Murder; plea bargained down to 2nd degree Murder; was sentenced to 20 years. While he was in jail awaiting trial he made threatening phone calls to students. He will have served a little over 11 years of his sentence, he will have a 6th parole hearing on March 12, 2003 He was sentenced 20 years on 4/11/89. He became eligible for a first parole 3/16/91. (The murder happened on 4/11/89 but because of the way sentencing is figured in Tennessee he was sentenced on the day the crime happened).

Up to 1997 he had several drug charges in prison in 1996 and 1997. He had a positive drug screen 6/20/1996 and another charge of refusing a drug screen on 10/29/1997, and also got a charge of drug possession on 10/29/1997. These are all class B charges and cannot be paroled within a year of these charges which he has already satisfied (it has been over a year). He had several other Class C charges over the years (violation of TDOC policies). These are not considered serious and generally doesn't effect parole unless it happens within 30 days of parole I believe. His last three charges was 4/18/99, he got a Class C, "Failure to report as scheduled." 4/19/99 he got a Class C, Failure to report as scheduled. 6/20/99, he got a Class C, Violation of TDOC policies.

Terry Joe Windham the killer of my 16 year old son (Jeremy Peter Flachbart) is up for his SIXTH parole hearing on March 12, 2003

I am asking my FRiends at FR for letters of OBJECTION to the early parole of this killer be written. Recidivism nationally is 68%.

Tennessee Board of Parole 404 James Robertson PKWY, Ste 1300 Nashville, TN 37243-0850 ATTN Charles Traughber, Chairman

or email Cindy Jenkins, Victims Liaison

BE SURE TO INCLUDE inmate name and ID #

Parole Hearing March 12, 2003

RE: Terry Joe Windham # 204460
Please consider writing a letter or email to help her out. Please also consider mentioning this case on your blog.

You can read more about her case, and learn a lot more about crime and criminals and the penal system at her website. You can also read the lengthy thread that resulted when she posted this plea to Free Republic here.

Thank you.

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