Saturday, March 01, 2003

Glad To Know They're Looking Out For Us

USA Today has a story in Friday's edition about country singer Darryl Worley's song, Have You Forgotten?, a pro-Iraqi war song that is burning up country radio.
"Almost everybody that calls wants to know: a) where can I get it? and b) will you play it again right now?" says Scott Lindy of WPOC-FM in Baltimore.
Well, almost everyone....
Steve Warren, who consults for about 40 country radio stations, wouldn't have applauded. "Singing a song about going to war with Saddam because bin Laden hit us is a leap of logic that I don't think any informed people outside the White House can make," Warren says. "I wouldn't play the thing, no matter how many requests I got for the sucker."
Good job, Steve! Protect us from ourselves and our ignorant wants.

And they wonder why radio is going down the toilet, and music sales are stalling.

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