Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Snow, Sort Of

Memphis has finally had a snow event. Tuesday, we got a good snow that left between 1 and 3 inches here in Midtown. I woke up around 3AM and saw the strong fall of tiny flakes. Beautiful. Naturally, this paralysed the city and everything was shut down.

Then Wednesday we got an icing -- about a quarter-inch coating on everything living or metallic. Sidewalks got slick but the roads were fine. Still, it was enough to keep the city shut down for a second day.

But that didn't stop us at work. We've been crazy-busy the past two days. There's still a threat of more freezing rain tonight, so tomorrow's looking busy as well. Blogging may be light until I get a breather, but I won't stop altogether. I've noticed that intermittent, unexplained, longish absences tend to depress your hit counts.

Can't have that. I went from three dozen regular readers down to about a dozen now. Gah. All that work....

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