Monday, March 03, 2003

Aaargh! No! [Paula Wade Update]

So, I got a reply from Commercial Appeal Executive Metro Editor Chris Bernsen to my question: "Where's Paula?".

He informed me that she's now working for the State of Tennessee in the Commerce and Insurance Department, as the Communications Director for new Director Paula Flowers.

Now for the sickening part. Guess what one of the Divisions of C&A is? TennCare Oversight. Yes, the very program she shilled for in the pages of the CA is now under her purview. She must be so, so happy. Can't wait to see how she slants and distorts official government press releases. And how this is supposed to give me more confidence in my government is beyond me. Bad move, Phil.

First Thorp, now Wade. Is new CA editor Chris Peck that bad? Anyone who works there who'd like to dish, email me please.

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