Sunday, March 02, 2003

Answer the Damn Question

So, in his usual waste of space, er...Sunday editorial, David Kushma asks the question:
It's at least worth asking why school consolidation is an issue that should be properly resolved by a popular vote, when public subsidy of the new downtown arena was not.
It's a great question! Unfortunately, he proceeds to waste nearly a third of a page not answering.

He almost answers it, but not in the way he intends:
Still, Herenton is persuasive when he argues that a consolidation vote, whatever its limitations, at least would get the local school reform debate off dead center.
Which is the point. Getting the public involved in the FedEx Forum deal would have slowed, and quite likely derailed, the project. That's why it was kept to a handful of developers and city leaders, and their teams.

Got to watch that public. They'll screw your dreams of "Manhattan on the Mississippi" every time, ungrateful cheapskates.

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