Sunday, March 02, 2003

Hey, Hey Paula

I am not the most observant person in the world, which is unfortunate for someone who thinks he's a writer. But I had noticed that Paula Wade has been MIA for a while now.

Some research at the Commercial Appeal's website shows that she's no longer listed in the contacts page. Her last story was run on January 23.

I can't remember seeing a notice about her leaving. Maybe the arrival of new editor in chief Chris Peck had something to do with it. I fired off an email to Executive Metro Editor Charles Bernsen asking what happened. I'll report the results when I get them.

One hopes that she's gone for good. She's a pure propagandist of the Stalinist sort, rewriting history as needed and reporting slant as fact. She is plainly dishonest, which isn't unusual for the CA in and of itself, but she's fearlessly and unrepentantly so, a zealot doing whatever she has to to advance the cause. They're the most dangerous kind, as their conscience is salved every time they act and their drive is never quenched.

On the one hand, I'll be glad if she's gone. On the other hand, if she's gone into public service like her former colleague Susan "The Crone" Adler Thorp, who is now communications director for County Mayor AC Wharton, a man she fulsomely praised in her columns, then I fear for our government.

The only thing worse than a reporter with a mission is a bureaucrat with a mission and the power of the government to act on it.

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